Kingxbar PQY Silicone MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 Pro blue

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Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series - magnetic case, silicone case, case - compatible with MagSafe This is a true classic of the genre! If you are looking for a simple case in subdued, warm colors, Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series will hit the spot. The silicone casing is not only easy to put on, but also protects the phone effectively. The most important advantages of Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series: Classic case in warm colors Silicone housing with inner lining A flexible cover that will perfectly protect your phone Available for several iPhone models Compatible with MagSafe accessories There is never enough tradition Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series is a lightweight, slim case with a traditional form. Rounded edges perfectly adhere to the phone, presenting the original shape of the iPhone. The cover is available in many subdued, business colors. Flexible protection The case is made of soft, flexible silicone, which protects the phone against shocks or scratches, and soothes the effects of impacts. The cover of Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series is non-dirty, non-sticky and does not accept fingerprints. It is very pleasant to the touch. Perfectly matched The Kingxbar PQY Silicone Series silicone case has cutouts for the charging port, speakers, buttons and the camera, so it does not interfere with everyday use of the phone. The case is fully compatible with AirPods headphones or a wireless charger. So you don't have to remove the case every time you want to connect your phone to MagSafe accessories.