Joyroom Shining Series Lens Apple iPhone 12 red (JR-PF687)

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Joyroom Shining Series full lens protector camera tempered glass for iPhone 12 (JR-PF687) Phone camera lens is exposed to scratching and other damage. It is important that you secure it in order to make sure quality of photos you take remains high for a long time. In this respect a tempered glass protection will be a perfect choice as it can secure a fragile surface and make your camera functional, no matter how often you use your phone. The material is very durable, resistant to pressure of up 5 kg. A colorful frame makes it look very stylish. You can install the cover on your own – it is simple and intuitive. The cleaning set will help you do so and secure against air bubbles which may emerge under the surface. Specification: Brand: Joyroom Type: Tempered glass cover for camera lens Compatible with: iPhone Material: Tempered glass and aluminum Content of the set: 1 x tempered glass cover 1 x assembly set Major features: Resistance to scratching Resistance to pressure of up to 5 kg Easy to install Colorful frame around lens Perfectly transparent glass Perfect quality of photos for a long time Camera lens is exposed to scratching, particularly if you carry your phone in the pocket or handbag. Thanks to tempered glass cover, these elements retain their perfect condition while quality of photos does not deteriorate, even if you use your mobile frequently. The cover is purely transparent, so camera parameters remain unchanged. Easy to install The cover comes together with an assembly set which you can use to easily install the glass on lenses. You will clean them in order to prevent air bubbles under the surface and make sure the protective layer adheres to the phone perfectly. Colorful frame The colorful frame around lenses is an interesting decoration of your mobile phone. You can make it look unique and stylish, and also secure against external factors.