Dux Ducis Toby Realme Pad 10.4 stylus holder black

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Dux Ducis Toby Armored Flip Smart Case for Tablet with Stylus Holder Are you often on the go with your tablet and are you concerned about damaging it? This Dux Ducis case is made just for you. They are distinguished by a perfect fit to the device, including precise cutouts - including for the camera in the device. The armored case from Dux Ducis is the perfect gadget that will work well regardless of whether you travel often or simply want to protect your device when you put it on a shelf. Specification: Brand: Dux Ducis Material: eco leather + TPU Set contains: 1 x Dux Ducis Toby Armored Flip Smart Case The most important features: Stylus storage The case has a stand function Automatic wake-up function Elegant case design Elevated wounds Modern design The device case performs primarily protective functions. However, this is just one of its advantages. Above all, it is the perfect gadget for anyone who likes various types of accessories. The case was made with attention to every detail. It was prepared using high-quality materials. Also noteworthy is a specially designed place where you can store the stylus. This undoubtedly makes it easier to use this accessory as you can always have it with you. Lots of amenities The practical case from Dux Ducis gives you the opportunity to take advantage of many amenities. First of all, its design includes a foldable element with which you can transform an ordinary case into a gadget with a stand. This allows you to conveniently browse the web or watch movies. High level of security The armored case from Dux Ducis will protect your device against various types of damage. Noteworthy are the elevated wounds, which in the event of a fall absorb the full force of impact, thus protecting the corners and the back - the most sensitive elements of the equipment. The edge protruding above the display is also an additional protection of the screen - in the event of the device falling with the display downwards, it absorbs the impact force, protecting the display against breakage.